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Who Chris Williams
Where San Francisco, California
What Technology journalist
How If it's super-sensitive, contact me on Ricochet. If it's sensitive, use Signal.
Message me on Ricochet or Twitter for my Signal number.
Otherwise, use email, with PGP if necessary. Note: I rotate my PGP keys quarterly.
Email diodesign@tuta.io
Ricochet m3bnxucau5ishl2h
DFE4 461C E661 F66A 5235
8FA6 A698 6F5C AED8 CEDF
Keybase keybase.io/diodesign
Twitter twitter.com/diodesign
GitHub github.com/diodesign
Rust microkernel diosix.org
Work TheRegister.com (Articles)
LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/diodesign
Poker replaypoker.com/profile/diodesign
RISC OS drobe.co.uk